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Why has the whiteboard animation video become the best marketing tool?

December 11, 2016 • admin

Why the marketing or tutorial video that’s using the whiteboard animation video has become the best marketing method today? The whiteboard animation call to action should has its own secrets to do so.

1. That’s because of the science has proved it

A video is capable of creating emotional bonds with the audiences. A video is also can increase the comprehension about a product or service up to 74%. 7 of 10 internet users are love to watch videos.

2. It’s SEO friendly

Videos will have the higher ranks in the google search. It increases your website click rates up to 41%. Video contents make the visitors more comfortable to stay on your website.

3. That’s because the social medias love videos.

The Twitter users share up to 2000 videos per minute in the timeline. In Facebook itself, a video has been shared by 12 X more than texts and images. In YouTube, the educational videos including the business tutorial videos have generated 67% viewers.

4. It increases the sales

The conversion has increased with the average around 20% – 60%. There are 85% customers who preferred to buy after watch the presentation video, especially the ones that used the whiteboard animation technique. In the United States, 52% marketer explained that the video marketing is the best method to increase the Return on Investment (ROI).

What do you need to provide when you’re ordering a whiteboard animation video? Here are the things that you must provide to make them :

1. A texted script (mandatory)

2. Logo and Website URL (optional)

3. Voice Over (VO) file. (If the service order is synced with the VO)

4. Voice Over script (if the service order also offers to read the VO)

The things that need to be noted

a. Each image originated from the tools or service provider library and not custom images

b. If you want to add some custom images and music, send them to the video maker service provider.

c. Some whiteboard animation video service provider also offer the free voice over synchronisation.