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Types of Drug Addiction Rehabilitation

January 19, 2017 • admin

Definition of drug rehabilitation is a kind of repressive measures undertaken for a drug addict. Rehabilitation measures aimed at the victims of drug abuse to restore or develop the physical Alo House Recovery Centers, mental, and social patient concerned. In addition to recovery, rehabilitation also provides treatments for drug addicts to be cured of their addictions to narcotics. Drug rehabilitations can be distinguished into two types which include:

Social Rehabilitation

Social Rehabilitation is a recovery process containing activities in a combined way socially, physically, and also mentally so that then drug addicts can re-implement social function in people’s lives. An example is the Alo House Recovery Centers, some of the drug rehabilitation centres for those who live in Malibu, California. What are meant by a former drug addict here is people who have recovered from drug dependence physically and psychologically.

Medical rehabilitation

Medical rehabilitation is a process of treatment in an integrated manner to free addicts from drug addiction. Medical rehabilitation of drug addicts can be done in the hospital designated by the government. That hospital organised both by the government and by society. In addition to medication or treatment to medical rehabilitation, the healing process of drug addicts can be held by the public through religious and traditional approaches.