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Traffic News To Situ Gintung

January 31, 2017 • admin

For you who are living in South Tangerang and looking for the best media that will deliver the latest news, visit In this online media, you will get all information that you need from locally until internationally. The most important thing you will find is interesting places to visit in this city because who knows when you need it. One of the most visited places in tangsel is Situ Gintung.

It is a lake that located in South Tangerang that offers many amenities with Fun at Nature concept. There are a lot that you could do in Situ Gintung from camping, outdoor activities, gathering until paintball. It is one of the best places in South Tangerang to enjoy the nature while having same fun while at it. Before travelling to Situ Gintung, you could visit the website above because these media provide traffic news, so you will know which road to avoid so you could get there safe and sound.