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The tips to avoid fraud condominium companies

January 19, 2017 • admin

Buying a condominium needs to be done carefully, in order to prevent the future regret regarding of your own condominium choices. Although there are many excellent condominiums just like the iNz Residences, you still need to be careful due to there are many fraud condominium companies as well. No matter where you buy a condo, if you’re not being careful, it is possible that you can be one of their victims. They will run away with your money, while you will likely to get a condo that’s lower than your expectations, or even worse, you won’t get any condo at all. In order to help you to avoid those fraud condominium companies and developers, here are some tips for you to avoid them:

1. Check their certification and license

It’s true that the first thing that you must check in every condominium company and developer, is their license. If they don’t have any legal certification and license, it’s better for you to find another company with the legal license and certificate. It’s a safer bet for you to buy a condominium from a legal company, due to the fraud condominium companies are likely won’t waste any effort, in order to make any license for their business.

2. The laughable price

If a condominium price is too good to be true, then it’s a wise decision for you to investigate it first. It’s location, building age, and condominium type must be considered. If you’ve been easily tempted by the cheap price, then you will face the high risk of ending up with a bad condominium.

3. The developer’s track record

If a developer’s condominium price and license are good enough for you, then the next thing that you must check is the developer’s track record. It’s important for you to check it, so you can predict on the condo, benefits, and the little disadvantages that you may have in the future. This way, you can also avoid the developer’s who’ve been disappointed a lot of customers.