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The most reliable dog bark collar with the one full year warranty

February 6, 2017 • admin

When you’re buying a dog bark collar to train your dog, then you should always choose quality over the price. It’s necessary in order to get the best performance and to ensure your dog’s safety when it wears the collar. Buying the cheap dog bark collar will only give you a bad collar which is often malfunctioning, it won’t last long, and it has the high risk to electrocute your dog when it swims in the water. That’s why choosing a reliable dog bark collar which is a bit more expensive will be a good decision, especially if it comes with the one full year warranty, just like the YS-600 Dogtra.

By getting the warranty, you don’t have to be worried if the collar breaks within the warranty time period. All of the Dogtra’s parts, labor, and accessories will be provided by its manufacturer to ensure the maximum satisfaction of the customers. If it breaks completely within the 30 days from the day of its delivery, then feel free to claim a full refund, although the risk of it to breaks within a month is very low, due to its high quality.

It’s durable and waterproof. Its battery will last for hours, and it takes only 2 hours to be fully recharged. When the battery is old enough and it needs to be replaced, you can change it easily with the same type of battery. It has the 10 levels of stimulation, so you can adjust its stimulation with the dog’s bark intensity. The more frequent and the louder your dog’s bark is the higher level of setting that you should use. However, if you don’t like to use any kind of stimulation to train your dog, you can use the high vibration with no stimulation setting, in order to train your dog gently. The best thing about this dog bark collar, despite all of its amazing features and functions, it only costs you for $ 99.95. It’s great, it’s safe, and it’s affordable as well.