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Our experience ranges from simple projects to complex e-commerce based systems

December 29, 2016 • admin

Richard Carlton Consultant has extensive experience in deploying web solutions with database connectivity. RCC experience ranges from simple projects to complex system-based e-commerce. Depending on system requirements, customers often require a database created with a service that can connect via web access. This access allows users to view and edit the database access information through their web browser, in addition to The RCC also has extensive experience in integrating our solutions with automated email notification system. RCC, in this case, using PHP to connect FM Filmmaker database to the web. Not only that, as a content provider of global computer-based technology training, RCC prompted to run some collaborative projects and the results seem impressive. RCC offers professional video production services with tutorials; FileMaker 15 Training Videos.

This production services mostly used by organizations as a training tool, RCC combines high-quality audio, dynamic demo, and live animation. RCC produces exceptional training videos. Richard Carlton and his team have produced a variety of instructional videos and tutorials as well as an overview for publication by FileMaker or Apple. RCC in collaboration with VTC Inc. and has produced several lines of “shrink wrap” video training focuses on FileMaker platform. Not only organizations or government agencies who usually use FileMaker 15 Training Videos, but also there are other services that demand a lot of customers that is a special area of database integration, namely Electronic Commerce, a custom system for those of you who explore the world of business and trade electronically and provides the possibility fits with your mission in the e-commerce system.

This business highly booming with new technological innovations every day issued by the manufacturer of the software. Richard Carlton Consultant tries to match the right technology for your business needs, maximize performance by minimizing initial and recurrent costs. For more than 11 a tender, RCC has designed a website to meet a client’s needs. They have some graphic artists who have created websites for large companies such as Cisco Systems, Pal Computing, Novell and others.