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Excess of Vapor

January 18, 2017 • admin

Vapor or e cigarettes began to be developed in 2003, so it is not until 10 years. If no research on this vapor should be separated from the company’s competitors such as the tobacco companies. Since the vapor product developed many are turning and chose to leave conventional cigarettes.

When viewed from the raw material vaping, not unlike the material cake makers. Either way, the difference from a regular cigarette is vapor does not have a pungent odor like regular cigarettes, but it smells like fragrant cake or fruit. Vapor also does not contain tar trace of yellow in clothes and do not make clothes hole because the fire that splashed on the shirt. Thus, the formation of tar coating on the lungs does not occur.

Excess electric cigarette:

– Odorless
– No cause of ash
– Practical and modern
– Environmentally friendly
– Having a selection of flavors, such as coffee, menthol, and other.
– No burning
– Teeth do not become yellow
– Battery can be recharged
– Strong battery up to 2-3 hours
– E-cigarette can be used 1-3 years